Abortion Industry Pay-Off in Obama
HealthCare "Reforms" 

The pro-abortion 111th Congress has passed nationalized healthcare "reform" legislation which is most morally repugnant because of its unprecedented taxpayer funding for abortion on demand, which will vastly increase the number of abortions in America. Compounding this evil, however, the legislation is a wholesale assault on the Hippocratic Oath, on individual privacy and family prerogatives of medical care, and is rife with schemes of socialistic government control and corporate corruption affecting all areas of medical care. It is a major Democrat Party "pay-off" to the abortion industry, including massive benefits to the "Big Pharma" pharmaceutical industry financial backers and political supporters, which the abortion industry and the Democrat Party share.

We at the Pro-Life Campaign are trying to reach every pro-life household in America with an important message of truth about the violence Congress, and President Barack Obama, have committed with passage of this law against the innocent unborn; the elderly, the infirm and the disabled; and the rights of conscience of millions of Americans, by forcing the passage of so-called ObamaCare. Despite protestations to the contrary, this legislation actually includes:

  • Mandated taxpayer funding for abortion without restrictions
  • The forcing of pro-life doctors and nurses to perform government paid abortions
  • Rationing of essential medical treatment that will target the elderly, unborn and families like yours
  • A trillion dollars in new federal debt that will strangle our country's financial future

Mr. Obama is a strong supporter of abortion-on-demand, has a record that includes extremist endorsements for taxpayer funding of abortion, and a long history of opposing any ban or restrictions on abortion procedures – including protections for minors and parental notification laws, infants-born-alive protections, and partial-birth abortion bans. But, Mr. Obama has successfully downplayed the intolerable extremism of his pro-abortion record, and now he is lying about taxpayer funding in the nationalized healthcare programs being crafted under his ObamaCare legislation.

Indeed, our analysis shows that under the American health care "reform" legislation he signed, are included arrangements that will provide for taxpayer funding for abortion, and provisions that will inevitably lead to rationing of care, and eugenics and euthanasia policies being enacted.

The Pro-Life Campaign is a project of Life & Liberty PAC, a federal political action committee dedicated to forthright pro-life public advocacy, enacting or changing laws to reflect pro-life policies, and supporting pro-life candidates for public office.

For many months, we have been alerting pro-life voters to the threat of the 111th Congress enacting, either in whole or in part, the radical anti-life Freedom Of Choice Act. You can learn more about this threat here. This danger is very real and remains imminent.

Right now, we need to reach pro-life voters with the vital truth about the pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia content of the current healthcare "reform" legislation, the prospects for its REPEAL in the next 112th Congress, and the future of pro-life protections under law if we fail to elect pro-life champions in these next national elections... but we can’t do it without your help. The public must be warned about the pro-abortion radicalism of ObamaCare. The truth about this law and indeed, about Obama's execrable record on the life issue will NOT be widely known unless we stand up and get it done. It is only through the support of people like you that this truth campaign will be made possible. Your gift will help us educate and mobilize pro-life voters across the country, and to recruit and equip the new leaders who must be raised up if we are to restore respect for human life at every stage, from conception to natural death. Gifts to the Pro-Life Campaign are not tax deductible under federal election law, because of our activism. Thank you for your faithfulness and support!